Past Honorees

Dogs of the Year 2020

Irish Wolfhound

Stoneybrook Brynmair Kinealy, owned by Karen Frederick & Michael Ferris

Scottish Deerhound

BIF DC Vale Vue Silver Lea Chartwell MC, SoR, LCM4, VC, owned by Peter Day & Norma Sellers

Afghan Hound

BII DC Tamrick Sanadu High Treason LCM4, SC, GRC, ORC, LCX, Owned by Rick & T Brown, C & Heather Alderson

Past Honorees

2020 Honorees

Silken Windhound “Mini”, Fantasy Farms Musetta’s Waltz, LCM Owned by Barb Franklin of Gilbert, AZ
Silken Windhound “Gilbert”, Aeracuras Fantasy Gilbert, LCM  Owned by Michelle Smith and Barb Franklin of Chandler, AZ
Silken Windhound “Czar”, Kristull Jaromir, VLCM2, ISWS LCM Owned by Michael & Kathleen Leach of Bloomington, MN