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Committees of the ACoD
Committees of the ACoD Chairperson Chair's Email address Members
ACoD Planning / Site Selection Committee Chairperson: Claudia Miller edcjmiller@gmail.com Kathy Sanders & Sean McMichael
Constitution Revision Committee Chairperson: Ping Pirrung asfa.ping@gmail.com Ben Brodeur, Russ Jacobs, Scott Hurlbert, Jennifer Gysler
Animal Advisory Committee Chairperson: Kathy Sanders thekathysanders@gmail.com  
Lure Coursing Hall of Fame Chairperson: Mike Hussey dinnree@skybeam.com Ben Brodeur, Vicki Fagre-Stroetz, Pete Lowe, Kathy Sanders, Dean Wright
Gary Forrester Committee Chairperson: Mike Hussey dinnree@skybeam.com Sean McMichael, Dawn Gibas, Dean Wright

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