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2024 People of the year

Terry Burchett

It all started with Bayreen (CH Kellcastle's Sumpin' Sweet CHC, LCM2) born in 1988. She was Terry's and his wife, Robin's first Irish Wolfhound. Bayreen was a very good lure courser. In fact, she was so good that she was inducted into the ASFA Hall of Fame in 2019. Terry was very proud of Bayreen. You could hear it in his voice and see the big smile on his face whenever he would talk about her. She was Terry's introduction into the love lure coursing.
     After getting into the sport, Al Crume started to show Terry the ropes. Al taught him all about how to operate the lure and the responsibilities of the Huntmaster and so on. Terry became an excellent lure operator and coursing ambassador. It wasn't long before Terry took over the Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club (NCIWC) Lure Coursing program in the early 1990's. If it weren't for Terry, NCIWC would likely not have gotten involved in lure coursing. He was a fantastic mentor. He gave so much advice to beginners with his fun runs and trained many of the lure operators in California over the last 30+ years.
     He also helped the Irish Wolfhound Association of the West Coast (IWAWC) for their lure coursing trials including providing the equipment; as well as, to the Lost Coast Kennel Club (LCKC) to promote coursing at their annual all-breed show. He remained an active lure operator, mentor, and enthusiastic coursing promoter right up to his passing. We miss Terry deeply and are grateful through his involvement in lure coursing, we all have learned about the love of the sport and bits of him will live on in all of us as his legacy.

Leigh  A. Littleton

Before moving from the Chicago area to the Mid-Atlanic region around 1977, Leigh was involved with the Midwest Borzoi Club and Wind Chasers Lure Coursing Club in ASFA Region 6. In 1982 Ariel Duncan bred the first litter out of ASFA Hall of Fame’s Borzoi: “Zorya”. Leigh picked Locket out of that litter of seven puppies. Leigh had hit the jackpot! Locket grew up to become the #1 ASFA Lure Coursing Sighthound. As the Lifetime #1 Borzoi, Locket, had 2,144 Bowen points, 11 Best in Field, 131 Best of Breed, and achieved Lure Courser of Merit 17. In 1983 she won the Colorado Lure Coursing Association’s Grand National. Leigh traveled the country entering coursing events with Locket. She was a large part of his life for thirteen years. Upon Leigh’s passing, many tributes have been posted on social media. Here are two of
Leigh was the essence of a beautiful mind and a heck of a lot of fun. Even though he was very competitive he was always a pleasant, kind person. Leigh was never hos􀆟le or mean even when in the heat of competition. He had a wonderful sense of humor and a deep love for lure coursing and Borzoi. Leigh was a gentleman and a wonderful ambassador for lure coursing. We will all miss him.
Positions held in ASFA:
1980-1982 Corresponding Secretary
1983 2nd Vice President
1984-1986 1st Vice President
1988-1991. ASFA President
2004-2015 Chairman of Judges Licensing Committee
Leigh wrote the “History of ASFA 1972-1989” for the 1st ASFA
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