Past Honorees

2017 Person of the year
Pete and Camille Mendicino


Pete and Camille Mendicino started lure coursing with their Afghan Hound “Sha riff” at Vale Vue kenne ls In
West Chester, PA. I n 1976. They lived in New Jersey and traveled quite a bit to attend trials. “Sharif f” Their
Afghan Hound f inished his ASFA Field Champion Title on 11/4/76 becoming the first in a long line of ASFA
titles for ”Campe Sighthounds”.

If you have been around for a while you will re member Mera and Seeker Phar aoh Hounds bred by Marily n

Their next two sighthounds were Whippets “Pippa” or “ P A” standing for “Piss Ant” beca use o f her small size.
Followed by “Putt Putt”.

Pete and Camille help start severa l clubs: Tortoise and Hare L ure Coursers which they are Honorary Life time
members of. Coastal Coursers which they started in Ne w Jersey while still living there. Once they moved to
Westminster MD. Coastal Coursers moved along with the m. They worked with all of these clubs as Field Trial
Chair and Secretar y. The y are also Honorary L ifetime members of Mason Dixon I bizan Hound Club and Upper
Chesapeake B ay Saluki Club.

Pete is an excellent lure operator a nd Camille has judged all over our country.

Camille was the ASFA sche duling chair from 1982 thru 1983. She became the ASFA records Co-coordinator in
1990 and held that position until being replac ed by Lori Coulson in 1999.

Pete was the Region 8 Reg ional Director from 1989 thru 1993.

Past Honorees