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I would like to thank the fancy for entrusting me with the leadership of the operation of ASFA.  While I think there are a number of excellent people available to take on this role, I will strive to live up to the expectations of the fancy to keep ASFA in the forefront of the lure coursing community.

There are several items the board will be working on in the next two years, such as updating Policies and Procedures (P&P) being one big undertaking.   That does not rest on the shoulders of the Chair of P&P, Phil Fullum, alone but on all committee members and truly on the fancy.  ASFA is made up of member clubs and the clubs have their membership.  It is the membership of these clubs that guide ASFA.

I would encourage you to be involved.  Now you do not have to be the president or even be on the board to make significant changes.  You can volunteer to be on committees. Look at the committee list to see where you would like to offer your help.  You can also just meet with your club, review the rule book and policies, and make recommendations for changes or even removal of outdated practices.  Please refer to Revision the Running Rules on page 34 of the rule book.  Any club can present rule changes to the Regional Director. The Regional Director will then host (in person, virtually or by mail) a Regional Rules Conference.  Some regions put this all together in their annual regional meeting.  If the proposal is passed at the regional level, the RD then will send it to the Rules Evaluation Committee as well to the ASFA internet liaison for publication.  These are important steps to keep our rule book current. I encourage you to participate in the process of keeping ASFA in the 21st century. 

The Regional Director is your liaison to the board, but they are also the individuals that helps arrange the Regional Invitationals and regional meetings.  In 2023 there were only 5 regional invitationals held.  I am not sure why that occurred. There should be no reason to not host a regional invitational.  I would encourage clubs to ask to host your region’s premier event.  It is as simple as changing one of your already scheduled trial dates to be considered the Regional Invitational, by sending that request to your RD for approval.  Once approved, your RD will notify Scheduling that the change to the hold the Regional Invitational, arrange to get you special ribbons and medallions.  Some regions have perpetual trophies which is great to look at some of the history.  Is your Regional Invitational scheduled already?

For scheduling, all you need to do is go to the field trial request page, complete the form and it will be forwarded to our new Scheduling Chair, Samantha Duryee.   Sam took over the responsibilities of scheduling right after the ACoD.  I appreciate her willingness and energy to step into this much needed role.  ASFA is a volunteer organization and becoming a member of a committee is a great way to volunteer on the national level.

I appreciate everyone’s desire to keep this premier organization moving forward and I look forward to working with you.

Now…. “Handlers, are you ready?......”

Scott Hurlbert, President
American Sighthound Field Association