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The following are Frequently Asked Questions about ASFA

What is lure coursing? Is it dangerous?
Will my sighthound like lure coursing? What should I do at a trial?
How do I get started? How are the hounds judged?
How do I start my sighthound? How do the judges score the hounds?
What dogs are eligible to compete in ASFA trials? What should I do if I'm running more than one hound?
If I own a former racing Greyhound or an un-papered purebred, what do I do? Should my hound run in hot weather?
What is the best way to learn about lure coursing? Is there anything I can do to train my sighthound to chase a lure?
What's a trial like? Has lure coursing been around very long?
What happens out on the field at a trial? How is ASFA organized?
Can my hound earn lure coursing titles? If I like lure coursing, how can I get involved?
How do I enter a trial? How can I learn the ASFA's Running Rules?
How do I find out when and where trials are held? Where can I find out more?
In what categories may I enter? What does it cost?