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The printable forms are available on this page in .PDF format. To purchase packages of carbonless forms for your club please visit the ASFA Store linked to the right. 

Sample Premiums
Rev. 8/1/2018
Regular Trial Premium Fun Trial Premium Regional Invitational Premium

Regular Word
Regular Word
Regular Word

National Specialty Guidelines

Whippet Inspection

This sample premium is in the simplest format. These are the bare minimum pieces of information that need to be included in a premium. You may include other information as well. If you have any questions with this premium, please contact  the ASFA Scheduling Chair at scheduling@asfa.org .

Putting together your premium PDF Download2 Whippet Inspection Guidelines Whippet Inspection

ASFA Scheduling Protocols download PDF Corresponding Date Corresponding Date

Rules For Lure Chasing Instinct Program download PDF

Rev 01-00
ASFA Point
Rev 01-12
Draw Order
Rev 08-01
Hound Certification Form
Rev 01/19
Judge Sheet
Rev 07-12
Protest Form
Rev 03-15
Record Sheet
Rev 03-02
Request To Judge Letter
Rev 01-02
Reinstatement of a DQ Hound
Rev 03-02
Title Waiver List
Rev 03-11
Trial Date Request
Rev 06-15

The Bowen System
Rev 06-09
EF-A_LCI Registration Form
Rev 04/19
Per / Capita Report
REV 06-17


Entry Form
revised 3/17

Fun Trial Entry Form
revised 6/17

Gillette Stake Entry Form
revised 7/12

EF-A-LCI-Entry Form
revised 4/19