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2023 ASFA Committees
as of 04/25/2023
Committee Chair Members
Archives and Historical Dean Wright & Kathy Sanders hlb2@comcast.net Ben Brodeur 
Awards Kathy Sanders
Communique Editor, Vickie Fagre-Stroetz  vicki.fagre.stroetz@gmail.com Victoria Cassano, Sally MacDowell, Lois Obelcz, Dean Wright, Audrey Silverstein
Contract Jennifer Gysler, jennifergysler@gmail.com Sean McMichael,  Scott Hurlbert
Executive Phil Fullam
Cathy Sanderson, Greg Breitbach, Ping Pirrung, Jennifer Gysler, Scott Hurlbert  
Regional Directors Liaison
Tom Golcher, tom@zoiboyz.com
Field Trial Improvement Terry Sayre, srhanger1@yahoo.com Greg Breitbach, Jennifer Gysler, Darci Kunard, Sally MacDowell, Mike Hussey, Jayme Jones, Dean Wright, Tom Cigolle
Finance and Budget Scott Hurlbert
Phil Fullam, Sean McMichael
Sean McMichael (Treasurer@asfa.org)
Forms Creation and Distribution Marilyn Standerford
Debb Myer, Karen Sanders
IT Cathy Sanderson, asfa.cathysanderson@gmail.com Tom Cigolle, Lori Zorbaugh, Phil Fullam, Jennifer Gysler, Eddie Kominek, Sean McMichael, Ping Pirrung
Intra-Organizational Liaison Committee Pending Eddie Kominek, Tom Cigolle, Ping Pirrung, Holly Hamilton, Kathy Sanders, Dean Wright, Scott Hurlbert
Judges Greg Breitbach             Vp1@asfa.org
Leigh Littleton, Josie Haumont, Ben Brodeur, Darci Kunard, Justin Dannenbring
Judges Licensing, Greg Breitbach (judgeslic@asfa.org)
Long Range Planning Jennifer Gysler  jennifergysler@gmail.com
Scott Hurlbert, Linda D'Antonio, Jeff Trombetta, Terry Sayre, Kathy Sanders, Greg Breitbach
Membership Ping Pirrung
Jayme Jones, Leah Hartlep,  Russ Jacobs
Nomination Committee Terry Sayre, srhanger1@yahoo.com Claudia Miller, Sally MacDowell
Policy Compilation Vacant - to be selected by the committee
Dan Heidel, Russ Jacobs, Kent Standerford, Ping Pirrung, Josie Haumont, Sabrina Wright-Hiller, Victoria Cassano
Public Outreach Kathy Sanders,
Scott Hurlbert and all Regional Directors
Records Coordination Kathy Sanders,
Eddie Kominek, Sean McMichael
Records Coordinator
Lori Zorbaugh (records@asfa.org)
Regional Directors Chair, Regional Directors
Tom Golcher,
All Regional Directors
Chair, Invitationals
Tom Golcher,
All Regional Directors
Jayme Jones
All Regional Directors
Rules Evaluation Tom Golcher,
Ping Pirrung, Marilyn Standerford
Alternates, Russ Jacobs, Kathy Sanders
Scheduling Audrey Silverstein
Lori Zorbaugh, Marilyn Standerford
Website Internet Liaison
Marilyn Standerford
Web Designer
Jean Hampton

*The President is an ex officio member of all of these committees except the Nomination Committee.

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